My Philosophy

Eat, dream,


Artist Statement

My practice minimizes the wastage typically created by cut and sew garments by instead developing large simple, pattern shapes. Working subtractively through gathering fabric rather than cutting and removing it, I activate these patterns to create adaptable fits for various body types. This method allows for quick observation and response to rectangular, tubular, or misshapen cuts of fabric as newly constructed silhouettes which change each time they are worn, and become customizable for the wearer. I approach design collaboratively between my process and my materials. For example, draping allows me to sketch by handling my fabric as I observe and respond to the way it will behave on the body. The textures created by gathering fabric often creates a natural accentuation of the body. The same garment will look completely different on various body types with its ability to expand and shrink as needed. By contrast, my other works use additive processes like machine knitting and printing in order to directly design without excess.

My most used tools and materials

Pencil + Paper
Cotton jersey fabric
Ink (and tools for printing)
Acrylic sheets (accessories)
Adobe Illustrator

My Studio

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. (Sigmund Freud)

Dream Analysis

Analyzing dreams as my main source of inspiration also defines why I am a maker. Through the construction of garments and textiles, my dreams become tangible.


Sampling and experimenting with textile processes has opened up my approach to fashion design. In my practice, the two go hand in hand.