in the USA.

Inspired by dreams
and our experiences


Previous Work

Machine Knit

Additive processes like machine knitting encourage minimizing waste. The process can be both calculative and meditative through repeating actions and numeric planning.


Flexible, stretch materials used in my knitwear design allow unlimited exploration with drawstrings. The fabric's mobility responds to the pull of the drawstring and can accentuate specific areas of the body.

Digital Print

My printing process allows me to reflect on my past travels and experiences, pulling design inspiration from photos and internal memories.

Digital Fabrication

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Machine Knitting

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Fashion Design

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My Process

Journal to document dreams and recollect daily experiences and memories to use as sources of inspiration.
Sketch While I often utilize direct processes like draping as my sketching process, getting my ideas down on paper is a critical starting point to my practice.
Design Manipulation of fabric and textiles to develop silhouettes, color, features and texture of garments.
Make! My favorite part. Time to get hands on with my materials and unfold the plan I set forth.



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